7. Speakers Biography



Mike Morton

Emergency Management Ontario


Jeffrey G. Noel

Salvation Army, Logistical Officer

Agency and current position: The  Salvation Army,  Emergency Disaster Services, Program Director for  Central East Division-(Central area). Having served through  the Salvation Army for the past 20 years in various capacities the call  to serve for a month in Haiti has been a privilege (Feb. 13th. to Mar  13th. 2010).  My role there as  the Logistics Chief  dealt with:  The weekly distributions for food and other helpful materials; Transportation of goods to Jackmel  and Petit Goave, our other two key base camps, that featured schools, shelters and medical facilities  Haitian Customs issues, Warehousing, Transportation of staff, Communications were additional responsibilities.


Adrian Gordon CBCP
Senior Advisor
Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness

Following a commission in the UK Armed Forces’ 7th Gurkhas in Hong Kong and Nepal, Adrian worked in both business and the NGO/non-profit sectors in the Far East and Canada. He has had firsthand experience in preparing for and responding to several crises, including tropical cyclones, floods, and civil disturbances. He also managed a disaster relief program in Nepal under the Gurkha Welfare Trust.

After moving to Canada in 1989, Adrian set up a consulting business in business continuity management. He joined CCEP in 1998 as a business continuity consultant and was later promoted to General Manager and in 2004 President and CEO. He retired in 2010 but continues to work with CCEP as Senior Advisor and as Chair of the Program Committee of the World Conference on Disaster Management. He has been a keen proponent of closer ties between disaster management professionals around the world to encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience in dealing with issues that are common to all. He is a certified business continuity professional.

Adrian is a member of the International Association of Emergency Managers, the International Consortium for Organizational Resilience, the Disaster Recovery Information Exchange (Toronto Chapter) and the Ontario Association of Emergency Managers. He is a member of the Canada Steering Committee for Canada 211.


Heather Leson

Crisis Camp Toronto

Heather Leson is a community manager and technology consultant. Bridging people and information is her calling. An experienced technical crisis communicator, she collaborates with customers, technical teams, and management to build a common language. Heather co-founded CrisisCamps in Canada and is the co-lead of CrisisCommons Community Working Group. She contributes communications, organizes meetings/events, fosters partnerships and mentors new CrisisCamp volunteers.

Brian Chick

Crisis Camp Toronto

Brian Chick is a technology consultant who specializes in new media training. His company, Left Button Solutions, has been responsible for introducing Web 2.0 tools and Social Media programs to a variety of organizations in United States and Canada. As part of CrisisCommons, he offers technical training for online tools and collaboration software, and contributes heavily to their growing multimedia library by producing videos and online tutorials.


Ken Kidd

Toronto Star

Kenneth Kidd is a Star feature writer whose work has garnered acclaim at both the National Magazine Awards and the National Newspaper Awards. Kidd has also served as the Star’s Business Editor and as Editor of The Sunday Star. He has made four trips to Haiti since the earthquake.

Quirky, smart, sometimes described as the most consistently innovative newspaper published in Canada today – that’s the Sunday Star. And today it has a new editor, Kenneth Kidd, who will keep it that way – and make it grow.

“Ken’s appointment, which takes effect immediately, is a clear signal that the strength of the Sunday paper is central to our strategy of being the best newspaper for the Toronto area, seven days a week,” Fred Kuntz, the Star‘s editor-in-chief, said in making the announcement.

“His mandate is to help define the smart, interesting, innovative and quirky newspaper that Sunday has become, while keeping it relevant, renowned and plugged into the news.”

Kidd, who joined the Star in 1983, is a former Star business editor and was most recently a Sunday feature writer. He has also worked at the Financial Post in Toronto and Vancouver, and at The Globe and Mail.

Kidd “is a top-notch journalist who knows how to tell great stories and how to motivate others to achieve his high standard,” Kuntz said.

Alison Uncles, the Sunday founding editor and associate editor, weekends and features, said Kidd already “has the Sunday sensibility” and is ideally suited to take the paper forward.


Jean Claude Louis


Jean Claude Louis was Haiti country director for Panos Caribbean from September 2001 to July 2009. He now works as a fundraising consultant and coordinator of the group’s monitoring and evaluation efforts.  Louis has extensive experience with NGOs and the implementation of training courses for journalists. Prior to joining Panos, Louis worked for PLAN International and World Vision International in the Communication and Public Relations departments as well as an information delegate for the International Federation of Red Cross.


John Coo

Green Cross

John has spent his career working for national NGOs, including the Canadian Red Cross, and currently works for a national environmental organization.
Green Cross International is a global environmental security organization, founded by Mikhail Gorbachev in 1993.
A few years ago John founded Green Cross Canada, with a focus on developing an international environmental disaster response program.


Mike Weickert

World Vision

Strategy Leader for Disaster Management | Program Strategy Department, International & Canadian Programs

World Vision Canada

Mike Weickert currently serves as the Strategy Leader for Disaster Management at World Vision Canada.  In this role he leads the strategic planning for WV Canada’s disaster management programming around the world.  In his more than 15 years working on disaster management and long term development programs, Mike has been involved in disaster responses in countries such as Sudan, Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Mexico.  He also teaches disaster management at Humber College in Toronto.  Mike has lived and traveled extensively throughout Africa, South Asia and Latin America and has a Master’s Degree in Political Studies (International Development) from the University of Guelph.


Stephen Evans,

University of Waterloo


Nicole Verkindt

“I’ve spent my life working with the Department of Defense and learning how to sell through Government channels.  My job is to produce and sell into warzones, but my passion is in international development.  When I began my efforts in Haiti I had hoped that something as important as disaster relief could be helped through channels similar to those I had always dealt with.   In the year since, I have learned that working with NGOs and Government aid programs is very difficult. I am the President & CEO of two manufacturing firms and have traveled the world studying business, microfinance, and international development. In all of my experience I have concluded that it is the private sector that holds the key to Haiti’s recovery and reconstruction.”