Seminar on

“The HAITI  Earthquake of Jan 2010: LESSONS LEARNT”

Disaster and Emergency Management Program

School of Administrative Studies

Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies

York University

In Collaboration with:

Emergency Management Ontario (EMO)

Founders Senior Common Room 305

January 10, 2011

9AM -5 PM

All societal crises, including natural disasters, present opportunities for learning lessons and improving societal resilience, humanitarian response and building capacity to improve the handling of similar future events. For a variety of reasons the recent Haiti Earthquake presents a special challenge for first response practitioners, emergency managers, researchers, educators, and those responsible for capacity building. The setting and scale of the initial event; its impact on a particularly vulnerable urbanized area of a fragile state; as well as the ability of 21st century electronic media to project the modern worlds inability to rapidly relieve the immediate and consequential human suffering or provide a sustainable solution to challenges related to environmental degradation, poor urban design and underdevelopment suggest that lessons are still available from this tragic crisis.

Through reflection, sharing of experiences, sensitive and careful analysis the York University community proposes to contribute to solutions to this significant challenge area by providing a space for airing, assessing exchanging and documenting a variety of lessons emerging from the crisis on its first anniversary.

This seminar is a professional event to be held on the first anniversary of the earthquake that destroyed Haiti’s capital in January 12, 2010. Many prominent officials, scholars and researchers will be among the panelists and participants.

It is an opportunity to learn about this major event, meet and network with responders and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and contribute to discussions on improving our capacity to deal with similar events and reducing the risks associated with future crises.